30 May 2005


Goodbye, Army of Darkness

Few but memories (and a sunburn) remain from last weekend, which I spent in Arendonk for the Second Strike tournament. As a pickup player, it's always a question who your teammates are, until you see them. As was to be expected, however, we got a nice team together with 12 players.
As 7 is enough to play, we initially hoped to get 2 more so that we could make 2 teams as was counted on in the schedule: Space Cowboys and The Army of Darkness. There weren't more people coming up however, so we decided to play the matches of both pickup teams together. After four consecutive matches in 25 to 30 degrees C, that seemed a little too much and we abandoned The Army of Darkness. Yet that did not withhold us to play the last game of the day as Army of Darkness, just for fun, in which we tried out some special defense methods.
Then, after a shower and the barbecue, it was time for the party. Not really our style of music, but after a while it got better and we even saw some weird Belgians hitting the dance floor.
The next day brought more hot sunshine, some new players to replace those that only played the first day, and more great matches, again as both teams (Cowboys for real, Army for fun). Great competitive games like on Saturday, fantastic teammates, good weather, and Belgian beers. Could one wish for more? :)
I'm already looking forward to Dusseldorf...

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