31 May 2005


200 Years Later...

After a series of bloody battles, Age 2 of my favourite RPG, The Last Knights, has started. Situated in post-medieval Europe (1600s), this full-fledged version is bound to make me even more addicted. Give it a try... you're sure to like it (if you like this kind of games, that is)!

30 May 2005


Goodbye, Army of Darkness

Few but memories (and a sunburn) remain from last weekend, which I spent in Arendonk for the Second Strike tournament. As a pickup player, it's always a question who your teammates are, until you see them. As was to be expected, however, we got a nice team together with 12 players.
As 7 is enough to play, we initially hoped to get 2 more so that we could make 2 teams as was counted on in the schedule: Space Cowboys and The Army of Darkness. There weren't more people coming up however, so we decided to play the matches of both pickup teams together. After four consecutive matches in 25 to 30 degrees C, that seemed a little too much and we abandoned The Army of Darkness. Yet that did not withhold us to play the last game of the day as Army of Darkness, just for fun, in which we tried out some special defense methods.
Then, after a shower and the barbecue, it was time for the party. Not really our style of music, but after a while it got better and we even saw some weird Belgians hitting the dance floor.
The next day brought more hot sunshine, some new players to replace those that only played the first day, and more great matches, again as both teams (Cowboys for real, Army for fun). Great competitive games like on Saturday, fantastic teammates, good weather, and Belgian beers. Could one wish for more? :)
I'm already looking forward to Dusseldorf...

26 May 2005


Gadgets for free

I've been receiving the NFB mail for almost a month now, and it immediately surprises me how much unsolicited catalogues, branded calendars, notebooks, and other promotional stuff I receive. I can understand the catalogues, but I've never seen the use of sending notebooks or calendars with it. It doesn't influence me at all. Others perhaps, but I fail to imagine someone saying "Ah, but they send me a free notebook with their logo and address information on every page, NOW I will order at theirs". It might be me. I still hope not.

23 May 2005


Ultimate Time

Weeks full of disc activities coming up...
Already was I getting really into it by a board meeting last Friday night that lasted till about midnight and a league day yesterday, the season is now really starting. Next weekend will see me in Arendonk (Belgium) for the Second Strike tournament, the weekend after hosts another league day, 18 and 19 June I will be in Dusseldorf for their Splatsch tourney, and 9/10 July, the Hargen beach tournament is organised.

17 May 2005



The trouble with being ill is that it always happens during holidays or weekends. So Pentecost was bound to be cheered up by lots of sneezes and coughs when I felt a little flu coming up on Friday.
Ah well. Time to think about what I am going to do the next few weeks. Waaay too much on my mind. But I'll try to keep you informed.

14 May 2005


Simple joy is honest

The most simple things in life often give man the largest joy. Like successfully ending the previously mentioned talk... I was quite relaxed when I entered the room, but upon speaking the first few sentences I had gotten nervous as hell. Having time to visit family and actually doing so, joining them for a meal, and chatting for a few hours. Or hearing from a good friend that some team needs pickup players for a tournament next weekend, and being invited to join him.
Nothing really important, but actually I find that such things add flavour to life. And the more good flavour, the better.

10 May 2005


Back to work

It's strange how after a week off, I'm glad to get into normal routine again. Even if that normal routine involves getting up at 7 on Monday morning. But creatures mostly thrive because of routine, not having to think of what will happen each minute.
Yesterday featured an interesting lecture on paper writing as a part of the Real-Time Systems course, it even inspired me to find a subject for my final report. I hope that I can combine the experience I've got assisting the first year scheduler project with the findings on timing measurement in the course itself. It could prove interesting.
Tomorrow morning will be completely filled with the ONSSSK preparations, the tournament itself starting at twelve. So I think I'm going to check out the software a second time, so that I may perhaps know how to operate it :)

06 May 2005


Terminus is back

Joy! Yay! Whee! And more of that.
After an update a while ago, I lost Terminus (an extremely well-legible font). It did still reside on my system, but KDE applications could not find it.
And now, after another update, it suddenly reappears! Life is good :)

05 May 2005


Subject to change without notice

Well, KDE has been converted from CVS to SVN. A long awaited change of protocol, which should make it easier and faster to commit and retrieve changes to KDE source code, documentation, and so on.
Unfortunately, this hasn't gone by without some small nuisances. For starters, there's the extreme high load the servers are currently dealing with due to everyone wanting/needing to checkout everything. This is of course only temporary, but in the meanwhile login and checkout methods are also changing, causing confused people to fill entire mailing list threads with their problems due to the system not working as they expected.
Furthermore, the layout of the folder tree has slightly changed, which sometimes means that I have to search to find "where they have put the stuff". Not a large problem, but annoying enough if one also has to keep a dozen other things in mind at the same time. The best example of this is the extragear module, which was split up in extragear-1, -2, and -3 in the CVS tree, but is now subdivided into more logical modules. Unfortunately, the internationalised versions (like the Dutch tree) still have the old layout. I sincerely hope that this won't cause problems in the KBabel catalog manager, for example. Come to think of it, the catalog manager is not made to support SVN... that's going to be a nice exercise... we shall see!

03 May 2005



I'll be hearing this phrase quite a lot next week (albeit in Dutch, "Schaak!"): the 4th edition of the ONSSSK (Open Nederlands Studenten Snel Schaak Kampioenschap, Dutch Open Rapid Chess Student Championships) will be held on May 11th in Delft, me being part of the organising committee.
It's going to be a great tournament, with players of all levels who compete for the official championship title and a series of fun prizes, and with the typical atmosphere you'll only find at student championships.
Registration is still open, so if you're a student at a Dutch university or "hogeschool", don't hesitate and register! Of course, spectators are welcome as well :P

02 May 2005


Free, at last!

And so there we are. Queen's Day, Ascension, Liberation Day, and other reasons to have a day off yield the customary free week called May Holidays at schools and universities.
An entire week to sit back, relax, enjoy the nice weather (if any), prepare for the Statistics and Differential Equations exams next month, again prepare my presentation, work through some NFB board stuff, finish my scheduler simulation (affectively called SimProcess), clean and rearrange my room...
Hrmm, perhaps there won't be that much of relaxing - but apart from exam preparations, it's all stuff I deliberately chose to do, so only one to blame :)

01 May 2005


The temperature is rising

Ah, the lovely typical Dutch weather :)
Thursday it was damp, Friday was cool, yesterday damp, and now it's plain summer with temperatures over 20°C and clear skies.
The excellent weather, of course, for a couple of nerds to stay inside and play Magic: the Gathering.

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