25 April 2005


Wireless? Hopeless!

Having a laptop is only half fun when you can't take it to university and make use of the wireless network there, I decided about a week ago. So I borrowed a wireless card to see whether it would actually work.
The TU Delft wouldn't be itself if they did not impose safety regulations on the use of the wireless network: you'll have to connect through their VPN in order to use it. And driver manufacturers wouldn't be themselves if they did not release Linux drivers, if any, with only the most basic information about installing the stuff. "After running make, it will work." Yeah, sure. Adding a make install helps a lot.
Connecting to the VPN was quite easy actually, thanks to DTO's instructions, but the wireless card itself turned out to be a nasty fellow. After a couple of days wrestling myself through miles of unresolved symbols, I've decided to give up for a while. Admitted, I'm no kernel guru, but it'd help if I could find the needed kernel modules and/or flags somewhere. I'm not going to spend another week trying to get the thing to work. For now, it'll be no wireless for me, then. Better spend my precious time on useful things ;)

Uhoh. Yes, they are a royal pain in the behind :-( Give me an UTP cable anytime...
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