28 April 2005


Creating a scheduler is an art as well

A common way for students to earn some extra money is to work as an assistant for practicals or projects. Together with my fellow student Bas, I'm currently assisting the first year projects, the goal of one of which is to create a simulator of a basic process scheduler like it is found in computers. The scheduler should load so-called trace tapes (files containing the execution log of processes) and simulate the execution of those processes.
Having done this project ourselves in our fist year, we decided that it would be nice if the assistants would also do the assignment themselves, and show our results during the presentation sessions.
A good simulator has a good GUI (graphical user interface), and designing and creating interfaces is an art by itself. Unfortunately, I still have not found good design programs for creating Swing (or even AWT) GUIs. Jigloo, an Eclipse plugin, looks promising, but makes Eclipse crash. Other programs simply don't do what I want, so in the end it turns out that the easiest and fastest way to create a GUI, is to make it by hand. Time to find my artistic skills back...

I know one 'builder' that can create Swing and AWT GUIs that does not crash and that is JBuilder from Borland. And yes, there is a foundation version you can download provided you register.
Thanks! I'll give it a try.
Now if Konqueror would only update list boxes in a form when asked to, I could register without reverting to Firefox...
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