27 April 2005


Amnesia, or the first signs of getting older

The part I like the most about M.Sc. courses (compared to B.Sc. courses) is that the teachers often have alternative ways of assessing you. The Real-Time Systems course for example, is assessed by a course report in which one puts his own experiences with the course. Compiler Construction is mostly a large practical. The same goes basically for Advanced Software Engineering, with the difference that ASE consists of a couple of smaller exercises which are more research-related.
And that is why my partner and I chose to do a presentation for our last exercise. We investigated a paper, discussed it, and decided that he'd set up the presentation while I would do the talk. That was about three months ago and everything went well. Unfortunately, at that point the process got delayed due to personal circumstances at our teacher's. About a week ago I finally received an email with the schedule. My presentation is due this Friday, and knowing that actually being prepared increases the presentation's quality by huge amount, I decided to go and make some speaker's notes. After the first couple of slides it seemed wise to save the file. So I browsed to the desired location, and saw to my surprise, that I had already created a full-fledged set of speaker's notes two months ago... at which point I threw away the new file and lived happily ever after :)

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